Dye sublimation printing can be used on a variety of materials including coated ceramics. As with all techniques there are advantages as well as limitations. The advantage is that color penetrates the surface. So when used on garments, color eventually lives inside the cloth and becomes part of the fabric itself. The disadvantage is that you have to use polyester fabric and not everybody wants this.

The process involves printing onto a transfer paper and then using heat and pressure to change the pigment particles on the paper into a gas that penetrates the fabric surface. Sublimation is the process of changing from solid to gas without going through the liquid stage. The material that is printed has to accept and hold the gas and incorporate the pigment into itself. Colors can be really vibrant. Examples you might be familiar with are totes, touring and racing bike jerseys.

(This brightly color custom sublimation tote is not available for resale.)

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