Product Decoration

Most people start this process with some imagery in mind. Maybe you have a logo and event, special artwork, or perhaps want us to design something based on your ideas. In any case the imagery rules. Share your ideas with us and we can help you pick out products that help promote your thinking. We'll help you figure out everything from product choices and colors to final presentation.

A good deal of our business is garment decoration. Decoration may sound prissy but the basic idea is to take a product like a tee shirt and add value by putting something on it that looks like it belongs there and increases the perceived value - it makes the thing look even better. It's product enhancement! We're not going to redesign the product, we're just going to decorate it. You know what we mean.

Let's start with garments...

Garment decoration is usually done through printing or embroidering. What you do and how you do it plays a big role in how the thing comes across and reinforces identity or idea. For example you might chose between water base ink, discharge ink, plastisol ink, sublimation, digital printing, or embroidery and each of these options is dependent upon garment material, the nature of the imagery, and your budget. Each option has qualities unique to technique. What you hope to do can be enhanced by how you do it. We can help you sort this out.

You might want something embroidered or maybe printed small and discreet.Maybe you want an all-over the garment print or in an your face large presentation . The subset of options for each of the printing styles depends on the art and is wide ranging. Look over our portfolio section to get a sense for this. Your art will suggest presentation to you if you can listen to it speak.

...or maybe you want something else

Great! What sort of product did you have in mind? Check out our product search section and the Portfolio pages if you are looking for ideas. If you know what you want you can likely find it in the Product Search section. We'll help you get the most out of your design so your product looks all dressed up and ready to head out into the world  to make a good impression for you.

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