Embroidery converts your design to stitches. We start with your design and have to simplify it and optimize it for a needle and thread production process. The art is "Digitized" which for embroidery means that special patterns are created that the sewing machines will follow as a sort of map.  Embroidery is the trickiest of production processes because it has many restrictions and  requires the most flexible interpretation of your art. After submitting your logo or design you'll likely hear back from us that letters have to be larger or can't be presented using the font you picked. Detail is really tough to capture and there are color limitations because of limited thread colors. The final look of things is so distinctive however that you'll still likely be thrilled with the results.

Embroidery costs are based on stitch count so the more densely the threads are packed or the larger the design, the more expensive it becomes. When the stitches are tight shapes are more clearly defined so there is advantage to this. As with everything however there are trade offs that you'll have to weigh as you guide the process and figure out how much you are willing to pay.

(The custom AIC cap pictured above is not available for resale.)

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