Digital Printing

Digital garment printing has been possible for quite some time but it has only recently emerged as a serious decorating option for blank goods. We'll often suggest this option when somebody wants a detailed multicolored image printed on a shirt or tote. Four color process or Simulated process screen printing are still great options but digital printing doesn't involve separations which can be time consuming and costly, especially if you aren't printing many shirts. The digital inks are water based so they have a soft hand and we can now get stellar results.

The printing process is very much like the one you are familiar with when printing your photos using your desk top computer and printer. Of course the printing equipment for shirts and totes is very different from your home printer. The digital printing options for garments are specifically designed to hold fabric goods and are industrial grade.

Digital printing is another great option to consider and really helpful when your budget is tight but you want many colors.

(The Art Lives tee pictured to the right is available for resale. Please contact us for more information.)

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