Green Values, Green Solutions

Wildwood Productions has a long held interest in eco-friendly practices and products. We began as printers using water based inks in part because of concern for the environment. As you likely know however, an environmental focus can be complicated and we haven’t shied away from taking on this ever changing complex issue. For example, there can be environmental trade offs between the content of the waste generated versus the amount of waste generated. We sincerely believe that eco-consciousness should guide best practices and we work to make this happen.

Decorating and printing techniques constantly improve. Fortunately for all of us, environmental concern does drive change. Water base and phthalate-free plastisol screen-printing are now common practices. Direct to screen burning eliminates the need for film and direct-to garment digital printing eliminates the use of screens, emulsions and films. We stay current on new green opportunities and are always happy to introduce you to them.

We encourage you to select products that are good quality, have a long life and are actually practical as well as

useful in promoting your cause. Even though producing or purchasing eco-friendly products can be more expensive, we honor your budget by selecting and using appropriate products. Things don’t have to marketed as green in order to be green solutions and we fully appreciate that if somebody likes and cares about your product, it isn’t likely to become waste any time soon. This means that art and design are part of the green solution. That said, we do offer plenty of incredibly appealing items designed and manufactured specifically to be eco-friendly.

Wildwood strives to be environmentally conscious in all of our business practices. This means that office behavior is part of our program. We use, reuse, repair, and recycle. This also means that you may receive your order in boxes that have traveled before with a packing slip printed on recycled paper. We think it makes sense and hope you do too.

If you have any questions or suggestions to help us improve practices or product selection please give us a call at 1-800-772-9453 or e-mail us at

(Wildwood's original design "Burn Carbs" pictured above is available for resale. Please call us for more information.)

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