Art & Design Services

Do you have a print or production project but don't know how to create the design you have in mind?  Never fear! Here at Wildwood we offer creative design services. You'll meet with someone from customer service and one of our creative artists to help you make your idea a reality. We'll work with your roughest stick figure sketches or crudely scrawled out description and try to turn it into something you'll feel good about. We listen, we think, we create. In this process we'll bounce off ideas and mock-ups to try to get as close as is possible to what you've envisioned. The goal is always to leave you excited and thinking your idea was brilliant. We can even start with nothing, talk with you and make something out of that and sometimes it seems like magic.

We trouble shoot the finished good stuff too. You may be a great designer or illustrator but haven't had much experience with garment printing, embroidery, or maybe putting designs on mugs or magnets or those little pump spray hand sanitizer gizmos. We can help. We'll tell you where we see problems in producing something you've designed if it looks like you might not get the best out of your talents, creativity, and hard work. We can fix your work and do it so nobody will know it wasn't you that did it.You see, we're production artists too which means we have to fine tune things for running on press, or becoming manufacture ready. Production art is the technical stuff and we know our way around that shop too. If you want some guidelines to help you in figuring out what to send us, download our Art Specifications information. We respect your creativity and do everything we can to help you express your unique talents and our file format information can help you achieve maximum control over your art.

Sometimes things are so straightforward that we don't have to break sweat for you. That's great. In the end it isn't about us anyway. We enjoy smoothly escorting good ideas through the entire production process.


We can help you strengthen your brand recognition through our promotional products program. This process involves your Project Coordinator helping you identify products that make sense for your image as well as our Art Department working the magic to enhance production quality through subtle tweaks that make things look right regardless of production limitations. If we've designed your graphics we'll already have anticipated the various ways to use them to your advantage.

(Wildwood created this Madison Bike design pictured in the upper right-hand corner and it is available for resale. Please contact us for more information.)

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