Get Started

Getting started begins with your idea followed by your deciding you want to get something done. In order to get something done through us you have to talk to us. Call or email if you want but we have to know you'd like our help and we'll want you to fill us in on what it is you want to do.

We'll ask you about each of these things:

  1. Are you supplying the design? Check out our art specs for what we need to help you here. We can handle the creative stuff for you too - just let us know.  Take at look at what we can do for you by browsing our Portfolio and Services sections. Contact us or call 800-772-9453 to get started! 
  2. What product will you want? We have access to thousands of items but if you have a specific one in mind with part number in tow...let us know! Otherwise you can search garments here or go here to check out our huge selection of promotional items.
  3. How many of these things do you want? Depending on what you want the minimums required to purchase vary so just let us know what you have in mind.
  4. Where is the placement of your design on the product? Each item has restrictions and possibilities so we need to talk about this.
  5. Anything else? Need a pre-production sample, shirts folded, tagged or shipped somewhere special? Does your project have a 'YESTERDAY' deadline?  This is the perfect time to let us know of any special needs for your project like specialty water base ink or metallic thread for your embroidery project so we can figure out all the costs for you. We will do our best to meet your needs as well as your wants.
  6. Now we have what we need to give you a quote so you'll know what your job will cost. This is where dreams meet reality and we can help you review every step again and make changes in order to get the best results for what you can afford.

Place Your Order

We finalize all of the above and get your approval for art and the product order and then we organize your payment and personal information so we can easily contact you when the job is done. We have paperwork to help both of us organize this so both you and we can better help each other make this happen. Good and clear communication is really important in achieving success. Look over the How We do Business page to get a clearer sense of our agreement together based on our best efforts to establish realistic expectations.


  1. Timing: Did you want a sample before the job is run? This adds time to the final order but some people want to make sure they know what they will get.
  2. Final production: After you give us the "go-ahead" it usually takes 10 business days before the job is produced. So plan ahead.
  3. Shipping: Depending on where you are and how you set up the delivery of goods, this adds time. We can help you get a realistic sense of the total time you should expect before seeing your goods when you place your order. Each step takes time and exactly how much time depends upon what we are trying to achieve together as well as on how far away you are.


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