About Wildwood Productions

Our Beginnings

If you're from the Madison area then you could probably ask someone on the East side about Wildwood...we've been around since the early 80's.  Founder and former owner, Alex Wood, developed our company's signature and special niche in screen-printing.  Alex's design driven- idiosyncratic style, personalized content and arty tendencies made for a recognizable collection. Alex had learned the traditional commercial techniques and chose to embrace water-based screen- printing techniques for their look, feel and environmental properties.  He was printing with water-base when it wasn't cool or trendy. He selected high-quality fashion garments. The result was a collection that gained an enthusiastic audience.  Many of our long-standing retail customers still have their favorite Wildwood shirt, and the colors are still vibrant.

Along the Way:

The business really started to take off in the 1990s when Alex brought in the current owner  Jake, as well as Sharon, to help with sales and marketing. They marketed our own line of screen-printed designs to local, national and international customers.  They expanded the business by selling our collection to retail stores in California and New York and broadened the wholesale business by adding sales representatives and selling to general gift and museum customers.  They expanded our customer base by offering custom design and screen-printing services. Wildwood has sold to over 3000 customers. Alex no longer owns Wildwood but he is credit with starting a national trend with designing art t-shirts in the 1980's.

Wildwood's art department was driven by one of the original design crew, a local force of nature, Dorla.  She retired a couple of years ago but still works with us. Our resident designer for all seasons, John came on the scene a bit later but continues to enhance our design arsenal with his extensive science and art background, as well as his intuitive insight into developing some very commercially successful designs.

What's Happening Now:

In 2016, our team was enhanced with the hire of our accountant, Eric. His ability to jump in and solve any problem is invaluable. 

Wildwood has grown into a respected design, printing, and promotional company.  Today, we continue to build upon our  services, creating and producing the best products, and have expanded to add some more services like promotional product sourcing, poster screen printing, embroidery, and digital printing...yeah...we can still offer you the best printed Lichtenstein design, museum curator approved shirt around but now we do other cool stuff too. We are utilizing the best of modern technology while still retaining our distinct artistic touch and personal attention to every job.


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