Other Services

We've covered the basics within this site in explaining what we do while trying to help you understand how things are done. Our services do go beyond the basics though so call and talk to us about tricky jobs or about special handling. Do you need hangtags or special garment labeling? We can even drop ship to events, print on just about any unique substrate, or have a specially designed and printed tote assembled through cut and sew manufacturing.

Give us a call or send an email to let us know you'd like help with a special project. You can reach us at 1-800-772-9453 or e-mail us at customerservice@wildwoodpro.com.

Don't hold back. If you want to get something done, we can help you. We have 25 years of quality experience in the print production industry and can help you with your industrial print production or artisan printing needs. Think imaginatively. We'll work to create the reality.

(The custom ABT tote and umbrella is not available for resale.)