Wildwood Productions' Art Department creates and designs specifically for you. We follow your directions, add design ideas of our own, or take your completed designs to production through all the required technical prepress steps to produce high quality printed products. Working closely with you to ensure that you get the most out of your budget, we constantly strive to make you feel like you get more than your money's worth. Browse our Services and use the Get Started links to learn more about how we can work for you.


Wildwood has over twenty-five years of design,  prepress, and printing experience. We regularly work with art museums to design and print products for their gift shops, meeting the most demanding of curatorial standards. This experience means to you that we know how to get the most out of art to create the best possible print whether it comes in as a rough sketch or as a museum quality transparency or the digital photo of a masterpiece. Of course, this also means that we know how to push the envelope a bit. We can make things work. Check out our Portfolio link above or our Catalog of Preprint Designs link bottom left and see what you think.


Most people come to us to advance some branding idea in order to promote something they feel good about – like an organization or even a family reunion. Placing imagery on the right product to promote your idea is a worthy and fun goal and we are here to advise and to help you find that "just right thing". We work with a wide range of people, companies, and organizations, and fully appreciate that a good and positive image is incredibly important to all of us no matter how large or how small a group we may be. We work with you and for you to help promote your best image using whatever imagery you want produced.

Our Portfolio link above can help you get a feel for what we can do with your logo or imagery to help you with branding or promoting your organization.  Use the Search Products link to help you find interesting garments and promotional goods we can decorate with your message or design.

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